Wednesday, November 24, 2004

I'm back for a log!

Hello everyone. I'm very sorry that it has been another month since my last post. It has definitely been very busy around here. School with Nick is going slow, work is going crazy, and knitting is the only thing that can relax me right now. I've been teaching my daughter a few more basic stitches in knitting and we have created a few washclothes. They are really nice to use on the face but some are just too pretty to be puting on dirty dishes. I will post a picture of a couple that we did. the bright one is the one I like best. I wanted to post Brittany's today but she took it with her to a friends. So the other light colored one that I did is like the one that she did. The other picture is of a scarf that she made with the peg type knitter that I don't remember the name of. She did it all by herself and I thought she did a pretty good job for her first time!
Anyway the picutures are below.

Brittany's Scarf

This is the scarf that Brittany knitted with this little contraption. Cool Huh?! Posted by Hello

Knitted Washclothes

Knitted Washclothes. Nick is such a ham and thinks he always has to be in the picture! Posted by Hello

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Bird gone bad!

Hello again, everyone who has been keeping tabs on my blog. I haven't posted in a while because it has been so busy. Trying to do homeschooling, working, field trips, craft day, postcarding and flat travelers that all on top of my weekly christian meetings. So, anyway, I wanted to catch everyone up on the bird. Angel unfortunately, is no angel. We found out some interesting things about this bird that the original people never told the rescue group.
1) He has a very bad screaming problem - More about this later.
2) He has a biting problem.
3) He has a chase the kids if I get on the floor problem.
4) He has a bonding with one individual problem.

#4 was the one thing that we were trying to break him of first. I wasn't aloud to hold and pet him any more than 10 minutes a day and only carry him from place to place (ie. shower, another cage, play gym, pick him up off the floor if he gets down) Same thing for my daughter. As we were enforcing this rule the screaming problem came out. We were trying to control that by either leaving the room or ignoring him. As you can imagine a bird that has a scream that can be heard for at least a mile in the wild is a little hard to ignore. Especially when you are trying to do homeschooling in the same room. So, we got a smaller cage in the bathroom and would move him there while we did school.
We also could not allow him to roam the floor. This was another bad habit that he formed was chasing children and biting them. He did it for the reaction. They would run and scream and that made him happy. So, we told Nick that when he was on the floor to get his feet up in a chair, and tell us to come and get him quietly. No Yelling! That was all going ok until about a week and half ago. This is when he finally decided to warm up to Bruce. Bruce was so happy! But, then he started being mean to me. I was not allowed next to his cage unless I had a treat in hand, nor was I allowed to take off his cover in the morning. He would fly at the cage and scream at me. I'm sure that if the bars weren't there, he would have attacked me.
Yesturday, I was trying to give him a little attention, and then put him on his play gym. He allowed that with a seed, of course, and then as soon as I turned to walk away, he started screaming. For about 10 minutes. When he was done, I went in to tell him he was being good now. He came down and got on my arm. I allowed that and then was going to put him back up on the gym when he decided that he was going to get on my shoulder. I don't allow this. I told him to step up. But he wouldn't do it, until finally he just screamed and bit me in the face, as I turned my head he fell to my stomach and hung on to my sweater, all the time screaming. I remained calm and tried to get him to step up, but he wouldn't do it. He climbed back up on my shoulder. I leaned over to let him step up on the gym, which he did. Then Nick came out. I wasn't about to let Angel get one over on him like he did me. So, I mustered up all my courage and told him to step up and took him to his cage, put him in and locked the door. Then I went in my room and closed the door and cryed. I was so upset. I have tryed so hard with this bird, and knew how heart broke Bruce was going to be when he got home, I just couldn't do this again. I had to tell him what happened and that I couldn't do it anymore.
He understood, gave me a big hug and said its ok. Which, of course, made me feel worse. He went over and told the rescue man that we just couldn't do it anymore. So, Angel is going to have to find a new home. What Angel needs is a single person, preferrably an older person with no desire to be with anyone else. Someone who could be with him and deal with his every need. We just can't do it.
Sorry to babble on so, but it really was a long story. Take care all.

Welcome to - the most complete online stitch reference

Welcome to - the most complete online stitch reference
Hello everyone, I am so excited to share this site with you. I just got an email and this link was in it. You can learn how to do so many different kinds of needlework here. They even have video's! That right! Video's to show you how to crochet, knit, crochet-tat, crochetnit, tatting and many others. Even though it is not made for left handers in particular, it still is wonderful for showing you the techniques. If you are like me, I can look at something done right handed and change it to left in my head. Enjoy.

Monday, September 27, 2004

Tuff saying his prayers in a new way

My daughter taught Tuff to sit up and say his prayers. Here is my husband getting him to do it. He is cheating by standing up but it is so hard to get a good picture because he can't hold the pose yet for very long. Posted by Hello

Feeding the 'Chippers' chips!

My husband coaxed this little guy into his hand on our camping trip by offering him potato chips. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Homeschool Days

We had a great day today. It was a homeschool day at AC Gilbert Discovery Village. This is a toy museum and play place and experiment place and many other exciting things all in one little village There are three large old homes that have been converted to make this place. AC Gilbert was an inventor and loved to invent toys, and science type things. He was very smart. One of the houses has a museum with the things that he has invented. (I am making a photo album to share the fun from our day. They are downloading while I am typing this.) We also went to a park in Stayton that has a covered bridge that was relocated back in the 1990's. It is called the Jordan Bridge. Also, we went to the Carousel in Salem's Waterfront Park. Rain or Shine us Oregonians just keep on trudging! It rained and poured on and off all day. Well, the pictures will show you that we had a few breaks and that is when we all went outside and played. Enjoy!

Say your prayers!

I taught Tuff to say his prayers. I aim my finger at him and he puts his paws, pads together, and up in front of his face. Unfortunately our camera isn't quick enough to catch them when they go up. His feet are already on there way back down. It is the cutest thing to see. They next thing we are going to try to get him to do is sit up and say his prayers. He knows how to do both, although his bottom is still a little bit round so he sometimes still rolls off his butt. When we get that trick perfected I will take another picture. He knows how to roll over, sit, sit up on his butt, stand up, lay down and say his prayers and he is now 16 weeks old. Pretty smart puppy. Oh, we also taught him to ring a bell by the back door when he has to go out. Very cute. The bell is nearly as big as his head. LOL Posted by Hello

Monday, September 06, 2004

I am getting so big!

This was take on 8/25/04. He will be 15 weeks on 9/8/04. Posted by Hello

Gone Fishin!

He was 11 weeks old here. He was laying in this in the yard. All I had to do was pick him up! Posted by Hello

Postcards for kids

Hello everyone! No I didn't fall off the face of the earth. As alot of you know I homeschool. I have been very busy trying to get that all together for the school year to begin this week, well tomorrow actually. It is alot of preparing that I don't have alot of time to prepare for. LOL Anyway, this link above is something that we have got ourselves into for geography. It is really great. We trade postcards with families all over the US and in many parts of the world. If anyone out there homeschools this is something that can really get the children involved plus they love getting mail!
Another great geography lesson plan is something called the Flat Stanley or as the group that I joined is called Flat travelers. Here is the link to it: It explains all about it. This is kind of like hosting a visitor in an envelope for a week and keeping a journal of the things you do and sending him/her back home. My kids have made a jaguar and a monkey and our friend made a possum. The jaguar and possum are on there way to Texas in the morning via slug mail. They are suppose to go on a field trip to Dinosuar Valley State Park, and a few other museums and such to learn about Indians and early settlers in Texas. Should be interesting stuff when we get them back. Cant wait! I am almost more excited than the kids. LOL
Aside from all this preparing for homeschool etc. I have been working my fingers to the bone literally. Ok, so maybe I wasn't working. I almost cut halfway through my thumb while I was cutting onions the other morning. Went through the fingernail and fortunately missed the bone. I don't know how. Looked just horrible. I wont gross you out with an awful picture!

Puppy is doing great and I will post a new picture of him. We have also adopted a Cockatoo. His name is Angel and that is just what he is. How anyone could be so mean to such a beautiful bird is beyond me. He is as sweet as can be. The people who had him bought an African grey and put this sweet bird in second place. WRONG! Anyway, the husband apparently threw him against a wall and broke his leg. Poor baby! He is all healed now and with us. Needless to say, he is a little skiddish around Bruce but I am sure that he will warm up to him as soon as he figures out that Bruce wouldn't hurt a fly. We think that Bruce might remind him of that man who broke his leg. (That man should have been put in jail!) I am sure that he will figure it out soon that Bruce is not that other man! We have only had him since yesturday so I don't want to frighten him by taking pictures of him now. When I feel he will be up to it I will post one of him. Well that is all for now. Take care all of you.

Friday, August 20, 2004

A Letter about Teaching Left Handed Knitting

This letter was sent to me by a wonderful person from a left-handed knitting group that I am priveledged to be a part of. Anyone is welcome to join the group. The link above or in the letter will take you to the right place.
Thanks Joan for the information!

Dear Left Hand Knitters,
I often get requests about how to knit left handed. Here's what I suggest. Please give me your comments andsuggestions. Suggestions for teaching a left hand person knitting:
1) Do have the person knit left handed, as that is her/his dominanthand.
2) If you are right handed, face the person and have her/him mirror yourknitting.
3) Go to: & for a very good tudorsof Basic Knit Stitchfor Lefties
4) Go to : for BasicPurl Stitch forlefties
5) An excellent booklet is: "Susan Bates, Knitting for Beginners LEARNTO KNIT IN 6Easy Steps for left & right hand knitters" published by Coats & Clark.I know The YarnBarn in Lawrence Kansas at: carries it.You my have alocal source. I bought mine from a vendor at Maryland Sheep & WoolFestival held everyyear the first Sat. in May
6) Early in 2003 there was a new publication that gives instructions forleft hand knitting: ICan KNIT. It has “easy step-by-step instructions for 11 Cool KnitProjects for PreteenGirls”. Even though this is written for preteens, most of the bookletcan be used for anyages. The retail price is $7.99 with an order number of 873791. It ispublished by Annie’sAttic and can be ordered by calling 1-800-582-6643.7) Post any questions about left hand knitting on the Knitting forLefties list @gnittink-for-lefties@onelist.comTo subscribe to the list go to:
Joan McAnultyIn Southwestern PA

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Monday, August 09, 2004

Walking the Log

My picture is going to be in print. I took a picture of my son a couple of years ago when we were camping. I always liked the picture and there was a contest so I decided to give it a try. They want to put it in there book! I was excited, even though I think that it is mostly about trying to get money out of me. Which they haven't yet. Anyway, the Link above will take you to where it is. For some reason, some of the things don't work when you get there. Like the Send a free E-card. At least it didn't work for me. Give it a try and let me know if it worked for you.

Saturday, August 07, 2004

How Tuff is doing.

I just thought I would right a little note and let you all know how Tuff is doing.
First: Potty training is going a little slower than expected. He is getting closer. He runs to the door sometimes but we dont always see him. So he has an accident and then barks to let us know he did it. He lays there and looks at it knowing he wasn't suppose to go there but couldn't help it. We are trying to teach him to bark at the door when he has to go out. Hopefully he will learn that soon.
Second: Sleeping arrangements are finally figured out. We started out with me on the couch and him in his kennel next to me. No sleep for two nights that way. Then we moved to the bedroom. He in his kennel again but he was still waking up and crying a couple of times a night. I knew that he could hold it, so we then moved him to the Utility room. About 3 in the morning he would start crying. So I would get up and let him outside. Then it was back to bed. Shut all the doors because he thinks that it is time to stay up and isn't happy about going back to bed.
I brought him back in our room 3 nights ago, and he has slept the whole night since. He just wanted to be close to his mama. He is definitely my dog. He will play with everyone but it is me that he wants to be with all the time. Everyone else seems to be a little put off by it. I can't help it. I'm the one who does almost everything for him.
Third: Puppy shots! Poor Bruce, he has such a soft heart, he just hates to hurt anyone especially a little puppy. But, he had to do it. I can't do it. I can't stand needles at all. The first time he did it was the worst. He poked once and then pulled away and cringed. Then did it as fast as he could. This last time went much better. He was very speedy which made it easier on him. Only two more times. You can do it honey!
Fourth: Tricks! Can't believe how smart this puppy is with tricks. I taught him how to sit, sit up, lay down(needs a little work) and pray! The last one is the cutest, if you can get him when he isn't overly excited. I lay him back on my knees when I have my feet up on the foot stool. So he is on his back leaning up. Then I point my finger at him like a gun and tell him "Say your prayers!" He will put both of his front paws together and bark. When there is too much going on or too many people watching he just barks and bites your finger. I will try to get a picture of it when he is better at it.
Well, thats the latest on Tuff. Enjoy all the pictures that I posted today.


Brittany, (She hates her picture taken.) age 15 at the end of this month; Anna, (Would rather be making a face.) age 8; Nick, (The little ham; I'll take advantage of it while I can.) age 7; and Megan, (Easy going.) age 6. Posted by Hello

Brittany and Nick Feeding the ducks.

Brittany and Nick feeding the Ducks. Posted by Hello

Doll Face Megan and Tuff

She has the most beautiful brown eyes and a gorgeous smile. Posted by Hello

Beautiful Anna, my niece, and Tuff

Anna looks like her father. Big beautiful blue eyes and she too has a great smile but doesn't like to show it much. Posted by Hello

Like Father Like Daughter!

Anna is acting just like her daddy when he was a kid. I don't think my mom ever got any good pictures of him because he was alway making faces. I had to post this because I just think it is too funny to not show everyone.Posted by Hello

Larwood Bridge

Larwood Bridge in between Scio and Lebanon, Oregon. This was just one of about 4 covered bridges that we saw last Saturday. We road the motorcycle with our friend, Jeff who lead the tour. He is a Great Leader! Posted by Hello

Shimanek Bridge

Shimanek Bridge in Scio, Oregon. Another bridge on the tour. I like this one the best because it is red and looks different than all the rest. It was built in 1966. Not as old as the rest, which were build in the 30's. Posted by Hello

Pretty Poppy

One of many beautiful Poppies in a field. Posted by Hello

Bear & Tuff.

Bear and Tuff. Posted by Hello
Tuff is trying really hard her to kiss up to Bear. As you can tell, Bear is a little disgusted with him. He is probably thinking to himself "Just one more inch and he's getting my paws across his head!"

Tuff Tackling our cat Bear.

Tuff tackling our cat Bear. Posted by Hello
As you can see Tuff really thinks he rules the roost. Now you know why we call him Tuff. He is only as tough as he thinks and sometimes Bear has to put him in his place. He is very fortunate that Bear is a pretty layed back cat. He is 14 year old this year. So I would say he is beight pretty good having to deal with a 10 week old puppy.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Had him for a week and have changed his name!

I just wanted to leave a quick note and let you all know that puppy is doing fine.  He has such a personality.  We had to change his name from Tuck to Tuff (tough)  He thinks that he is so tough that it just fits him.  Plus, it sounds so much like Tuck that he really wont know the difference.  I will write more tomorrow if I have the time and post some more pictures too.
Until then, take care all.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Friday, July 16, 2004

My Poetry Page

I like to write poetry now and then and wanted to share them with you.  I only have one posted on this page now but, when I find my others I will add them and ones from my children too.
Enjoy! Please email me  if you have any comments.   

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Great Quotes about Reading

 "Easy reading is damned hard writing."  (Nathaniel Hawthorne)

"From the moment I picked your book up until I laid it down, I convulsed with laughter. Someday I intend reading it."  (Groucho Marx)

"It's a very intimate experience, reading a book. You're as close as you get to anyone except in bed. No, closer."  (J. G. Ballard)"There is no such thing as a moral or an immoral book. Books are well written, or badly written."  (Oscar Wilde)

"A conventional good read is usually a bad read, a relaxing bath in what we know already. A true good read is surely an act of innovative creation in which we, the readers, become conspirators." (Malcolm Bradbury)

"Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are."(Mason Cooley)

"A truly great book should be read in youth, again in maturity and once more in old age, as a fine building should be seen by morning light, at noon and by moonlight." (Robertson Davies)

"Reading, in contrast to sitting before the screen, is not a purely passive exercise. The child, particularly one who reads a book dealing with real life, has nothing before it but the hieroglyphics of the printed page. Imagination must do the rest; and imagination is called upon to do it. Not so the television screen. Here everything is spelled out for the viewer, visually, in motion, and in all three dimensions. No effort of imagination is called upon for its enjoyment." (George F. Kenna)

Cuter Than a Bugs Ear!

Cuter Than a Bugs Ear! Posted by Hello

Brittany and Tuck

My Daughter and Tuck Posted by Hello

Stick out your tongue!

7 Weeks and already learned to stick out my tongue at the camara! Posted by Hello

7 Weeks Old on 7/14/04

He is getting so big! 7 weeks old on 7/14/04. One more week and we should be bringing him home. They brought him over yesterday for us to visit. He is so cute! He also likes the food that we bought for him. His is a little bit more shy than he was before. I'm sure that once he comes home to us that that will change. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Blogarithm Works!

Well, I said I was going to try it out. It works! I used it on a few sites that I like to keep up on any new information, and it sent me an email and let me know that they were updated. Love it.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Subscribe to my page.

There is a link to the left that will allow you to subscribe to my page. That way, if you wan't to be notified when I make updates, it is done automatically through blogarithm. It will send you a confirmation email and then you create a password so that you can delete or add subscription as you see fit. It is a great service. I am testing this out right now to see if it works.

Also, you will notice that I am having a problem with my page. I added an adopted pet that it to big for his spot. I have emailed the maker and am hoping that there will be a way to make it smaller. If not he will have to go. I would hate to get rid of him. He really is fun. You can give him a treat. Make him jump for it. Just click on the box, then tease him with it and left click your mouse. He will jump to get it. Have fun.

Friday, July 09, 2004