Friday, July 09, 2004

Fire at My Mom and Dads

My mom and dad had a fire. Some one was lighting off fire works in the street behind there house Monday night. Someone else, who was apparently a friend of the boys, was trying to be funny I guess and lit a toilet paper roll on fire and threw them in the arborvitae bushes along the back wall. It caught them on fire and then the person who did it too off in his car. The boys that were lighting off fireworks, saw it and called the fire department, then ran over and pounded on the door and tried to get my mom out. They couldn’t speak a word of English but did manage to say “Fire!” The neighbor lady came out and told my mom to get out because she could see the flames over the house. She practically had to pull my mom out. They got the fire out before it caught the house on fire but the damage is done. The bushes are gone. I was up there today helping dad put them in the dumpster after my brother Bobby cut them down with his chain saw. Hard work. The siding is all buckled and one window broke. A lot of the other plants and bushes are ruined too.
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