Friday, August 20, 2004

A Letter about Teaching Left Handed Knitting

This letter was sent to me by a wonderful person from a left-handed knitting group that I am priveledged to be a part of. Anyone is welcome to join the group. The link above or in the letter will take you to the right place.
Thanks Joan for the information!

Dear Left Hand Knitters,
I often get requests about how to knit left handed. Here's what I suggest. Please give me your comments andsuggestions. Suggestions for teaching a left hand person knitting:
1) Do have the person knit left handed, as that is her/his dominanthand.
2) If you are right handed, face the person and have her/him mirror yourknitting.
3) Go to: & for a very good tudorsof Basic Knit Stitchfor Lefties
4) Go to : for BasicPurl Stitch forlefties
5) An excellent booklet is: "Susan Bates, Knitting for Beginners LEARNTO KNIT IN 6Easy Steps for left & right hand knitters" published by Coats & Clark.I know The YarnBarn in Lawrence Kansas at: carries it.You my have alocal source. I bought mine from a vendor at Maryland Sheep & WoolFestival held everyyear the first Sat. in May
6) Early in 2003 there was a new publication that gives instructions forleft hand knitting: ICan KNIT. It has “easy step-by-step instructions for 11 Cool KnitProjects for PreteenGirls”. Even though this is written for preteens, most of the bookletcan be used for anyages. The retail price is $7.99 with an order number of 873791. It ispublished by Annie’sAttic and can be ordered by calling 1-800-582-6643.7) Post any questions about left hand knitting on the Knitting forLefties list @gnittink-for-lefties@onelist.comTo subscribe to the list go to:
Joan McAnultyIn Southwestern PA
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