Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Say your prayers!

I taught Tuff to say his prayers. I aim my finger at him and he puts his paws, pads together, and up in front of his face. Unfortunately our camera isn't quick enough to catch them when they go up. His feet are already on there way back down. It is the cutest thing to see. They next thing we are going to try to get him to do is sit up and say his prayers. He knows how to do both, although his bottom is still a little bit round so he sometimes still rolls off his butt. When we get that trick perfected I will take another picture. He knows how to roll over, sit, sit up on his butt, stand up, lay down and say his prayers and he is now 16 weeks old. Pretty smart puppy. Oh, we also taught him to ring a bell by the back door when he has to go out. Very cute. The bell is nearly as big as his head. LOL Posted by Hello
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