Wednesday, November 24, 2004

I'm back for a log!

Hello everyone. I'm very sorry that it has been another month since my last post. It has definitely been very busy around here. School with Nick is going slow, work is going crazy, and knitting is the only thing that can relax me right now. I've been teaching my daughter a few more basic stitches in knitting and we have created a few washclothes. They are really nice to use on the face but some are just too pretty to be puting on dirty dishes. I will post a picture of a couple that we did. the bright one is the one I like best. I wanted to post Brittany's today but she took it with her to a friends. So the other light colored one that I did is like the one that she did. The other picture is of a scarf that she made with the peg type knitter that I don't remember the name of. She did it all by herself and I thought she did a pretty good job for her first time!
Anyway the picutures are below.
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