Friday, August 20, 2004

A Letter about Teaching Left Handed Knitting

This letter was sent to me by a wonderful person from a left-handed knitting group that I am priveledged to be a part of. Anyone is welcome to join the group. The link above or in the letter will take you to the right place.
Thanks Joan for the information!

Dear Left Hand Knitters,
I often get requests about how to knit left handed. Here's what I suggest. Please give me your comments andsuggestions. Suggestions for teaching a left hand person knitting:
1) Do have the person knit left handed, as that is her/his dominanthand.
2) If you are right handed, face the person and have her/him mirror yourknitting.
3) Go to: & for a very good tudorsof Basic Knit Stitchfor Lefties
4) Go to : for BasicPurl Stitch forlefties
5) An excellent booklet is: "Susan Bates, Knitting for Beginners LEARNTO KNIT IN 6Easy Steps for left & right hand knitters" published by Coats & Clark.I know The YarnBarn in Lawrence Kansas at: carries it.You my have alocal source. I bought mine from a vendor at Maryland Sheep & WoolFestival held everyyear the first Sat. in May
6) Early in 2003 there was a new publication that gives instructions forleft hand knitting: ICan KNIT. It has “easy step-by-step instructions for 11 Cool KnitProjects for PreteenGirls”. Even though this is written for preteens, most of the bookletcan be used for anyages. The retail price is $7.99 with an order number of 873791. It ispublished by Annie’sAttic and can be ordered by calling 1-800-582-6643.7) Post any questions about left hand knitting on the Knitting forLefties list @gnittink-for-lefties@onelist.comTo subscribe to the list go to:
Joan McAnultyIn Southwestern PA

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Monday, August 09, 2004

Walking the Log

My picture is going to be in print. I took a picture of my son a couple of years ago when we were camping. I always liked the picture and there was a contest so I decided to give it a try. They want to put it in there book! I was excited, even though I think that it is mostly about trying to get money out of me. Which they haven't yet. Anyway, the Link above will take you to where it is. For some reason, some of the things don't work when you get there. Like the Send a free E-card. At least it didn't work for me. Give it a try and let me know if it worked for you.

Saturday, August 07, 2004

How Tuff is doing.

I just thought I would right a little note and let you all know how Tuff is doing.
First: Potty training is going a little slower than expected. He is getting closer. He runs to the door sometimes but we dont always see him. So he has an accident and then barks to let us know he did it. He lays there and looks at it knowing he wasn't suppose to go there but couldn't help it. We are trying to teach him to bark at the door when he has to go out. Hopefully he will learn that soon.
Second: Sleeping arrangements are finally figured out. We started out with me on the couch and him in his kennel next to me. No sleep for two nights that way. Then we moved to the bedroom. He in his kennel again but he was still waking up and crying a couple of times a night. I knew that he could hold it, so we then moved him to the Utility room. About 3 in the morning he would start crying. So I would get up and let him outside. Then it was back to bed. Shut all the doors because he thinks that it is time to stay up and isn't happy about going back to bed.
I brought him back in our room 3 nights ago, and he has slept the whole night since. He just wanted to be close to his mama. He is definitely my dog. He will play with everyone but it is me that he wants to be with all the time. Everyone else seems to be a little put off by it. I can't help it. I'm the one who does almost everything for him.
Third: Puppy shots! Poor Bruce, he has such a soft heart, he just hates to hurt anyone especially a little puppy. But, he had to do it. I can't do it. I can't stand needles at all. The first time he did it was the worst. He poked once and then pulled away and cringed. Then did it as fast as he could. This last time went much better. He was very speedy which made it easier on him. Only two more times. You can do it honey!
Fourth: Tricks! Can't believe how smart this puppy is with tricks. I taught him how to sit, sit up, lay down(needs a little work) and pray! The last one is the cutest, if you can get him when he isn't overly excited. I lay him back on my knees when I have my feet up on the foot stool. So he is on his back leaning up. Then I point my finger at him like a gun and tell him "Say your prayers!" He will put both of his front paws together and bark. When there is too much going on or too many people watching he just barks and bites your finger. I will try to get a picture of it when he is better at it.
Well, thats the latest on Tuff. Enjoy all the pictures that I posted today.


Brittany, (She hates her picture taken.) age 15 at the end of this month; Anna, (Would rather be making a face.) age 8; Nick, (The little ham; I'll take advantage of it while I can.) age 7; and Megan, (Easy going.) age 6. Posted by Hello

Brittany and Nick Feeding the ducks.

Brittany and Nick feeding the Ducks. Posted by Hello

Doll Face Megan and Tuff

She has the most beautiful brown eyes and a gorgeous smile. Posted by Hello

Beautiful Anna, my niece, and Tuff

Anna looks like her father. Big beautiful blue eyes and she too has a great smile but doesn't like to show it much. Posted by Hello

Like Father Like Daughter!

Anna is acting just like her daddy when he was a kid. I don't think my mom ever got any good pictures of him because he was alway making faces. I had to post this because I just think it is too funny to not show everyone.Posted by Hello

Larwood Bridge

Larwood Bridge in between Scio and Lebanon, Oregon. This was just one of about 4 covered bridges that we saw last Saturday. We road the motorcycle with our friend, Jeff who lead the tour. He is a Great Leader! Posted by Hello

Shimanek Bridge

Shimanek Bridge in Scio, Oregon. Another bridge on the tour. I like this one the best because it is red and looks different than all the rest. It was built in 1966. Not as old as the rest, which were build in the 30's. Posted by Hello

Pretty Poppy

One of many beautiful Poppies in a field. Posted by Hello

Bear & Tuff.

Bear and Tuff. Posted by Hello
Tuff is trying really hard her to kiss up to Bear. As you can tell, Bear is a little disgusted with him. He is probably thinking to himself "Just one more inch and he's getting my paws across his head!"

Tuff Tackling our cat Bear.

Tuff tackling our cat Bear. Posted by Hello
As you can see Tuff really thinks he rules the roost. Now you know why we call him Tuff. He is only as tough as he thinks and sometimes Bear has to put him in his place. He is very fortunate that Bear is a pretty layed back cat. He is 14 year old this year. So I would say he is beight pretty good having to deal with a 10 week old puppy.