Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Bird gone bad!

Hello again, everyone who has been keeping tabs on my blog. I haven't posted in a while because it has been so busy. Trying to do homeschooling, working, field trips, craft day, postcarding and flat travelers that all on top of my weekly christian meetings. So, anyway, I wanted to catch everyone up on the bird. Angel unfortunately, is no angel. We found out some interesting things about this bird that the original people never told the rescue group.
1) He has a very bad screaming problem - More about this later.
2) He has a biting problem.
3) He has a chase the kids if I get on the floor problem.
4) He has a bonding with one individual problem.

#4 was the one thing that we were trying to break him of first. I wasn't aloud to hold and pet him any more than 10 minutes a day and only carry him from place to place (ie. shower, another cage, play gym, pick him up off the floor if he gets down) Same thing for my daughter. As we were enforcing this rule the screaming problem came out. We were trying to control that by either leaving the room or ignoring him. As you can imagine a bird that has a scream that can be heard for at least a mile in the wild is a little hard to ignore. Especially when you are trying to do homeschooling in the same room. So, we got a smaller cage in the bathroom and would move him there while we did school.
We also could not allow him to roam the floor. This was another bad habit that he formed was chasing children and biting them. He did it for the reaction. They would run and scream and that made him happy. So, we told Nick that when he was on the floor to get his feet up in a chair, and tell us to come and get him quietly. No Yelling! That was all going ok until about a week and half ago. This is when he finally decided to warm up to Bruce. Bruce was so happy! But, then he started being mean to me. I was not allowed next to his cage unless I had a treat in hand, nor was I allowed to take off his cover in the morning. He would fly at the cage and scream at me. I'm sure that if the bars weren't there, he would have attacked me.
Yesturday, I was trying to give him a little attention, and then put him on his play gym. He allowed that with a seed, of course, and then as soon as I turned to walk away, he started screaming. For about 10 minutes. When he was done, I went in to tell him he was being good now. He came down and got on my arm. I allowed that and then was going to put him back up on the gym when he decided that he was going to get on my shoulder. I don't allow this. I told him to step up. But he wouldn't do it, until finally he just screamed and bit me in the face, as I turned my head he fell to my stomach and hung on to my sweater, all the time screaming. I remained calm and tried to get him to step up, but he wouldn't do it. He climbed back up on my shoulder. I leaned over to let him step up on the gym, which he did. Then Nick came out. I wasn't about to let Angel get one over on him like he did me. So, I mustered up all my courage and told him to step up and took him to his cage, put him in and locked the door. Then I went in my room and closed the door and cryed. I was so upset. I have tryed so hard with this bird, and knew how heart broke Bruce was going to be when he got home, I just couldn't do this again. I had to tell him what happened and that I couldn't do it anymore.
He understood, gave me a big hug and said its ok. Which, of course, made me feel worse. He went over and told the rescue man that we just couldn't do it anymore. So, Angel is going to have to find a new home. What Angel needs is a single person, preferrably an older person with no desire to be with anyone else. Someone who could be with him and deal with his every need. We just can't do it.
Sorry to babble on so, but it really was a long story. Take care all.

Welcome to - the most complete online stitch reference

Welcome to - the most complete online stitch reference
Hello everyone, I am so excited to share this site with you. I just got an email and this link was in it. You can learn how to do so many different kinds of needlework here. They even have video's! That right! Video's to show you how to crochet, knit, crochet-tat, crochetnit, tatting and many others. Even though it is not made for left handers in particular, it still is wonderful for showing you the techniques. If you are like me, I can look at something done right handed and change it to left in my head. Enjoy.