Saturday, January 08, 2005

Busy, Busy, Busy!

We have been so busy here that last month. With having company, pets who have died, working more, and getting new pets.
Yes, Bear our 14 year old, faithful kitty that has moved with us about 10 times, has finally died. He was getting old and we think that he might have had Kitty Leukemia. He just stopped eating and taking care of himself. We brought him in the garage that last week and one morning he just didn't wake up. He looked so peaceful, like he was just sleeping. I will miss him, but we aren't getting another kitty for a long time.
Our little hamster, Chewy, died a couple of weeks before Bear. He was almost 3 years old. They don't live for very long. But, we figured that he was full grown when we got him, because he never did grow. We have a new hamster and she is a baby. Very tiny. Her name is Ella Nibbles. She thinks she needs to nibble on everyone.
Then with our new bird, Congo, who was given to us by a friend of my husbands because she is moving to Chicago, you can say that we have had a lot of new things to get used to. Congo is very funny. She is so smart. Learns everything you say very quickly. She loves to boss Tuff around. "Get over here!", "Go lay down!" "Go potty!" " Good Boy!" etc. She repeats everything, but those are her favorites.
I will be posting some pictures of all the new animals sometime today or tomorrow.

We are taking my son to Lowe's today for his monthly building class. They have some really cool things that they get to build for free and take home. They always give them the tools they need, (ie. hammer, apron, safety goggles etc.) Nick loves it. I recommend that you go if you have kids between the grades of 2nd & 5th. They even get a cirtificate when they complete the project. Today they are building a Bi-Plane. Go to and click on How-To, then on How To Clinics. There is a schedule of things that they have available for two months.

I will post some pictures of what he builds today later.
Well have to run now.
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