Saturday, February 26, 2005

A to Z of Love

The A - Z of Love

Love ....
(A)ccepts you as you are
(B)elieves in "you"
(C)alls you just to say "HI"
(D)oesn't give up on you
(E)nvisions the whole of you (even the unfinished parts)
(F)orgives your mistakes
(G)ives unconditionally
(H)elps you
(I)nvites you over
(J)ust "be" with you
(K)eeps you close at heart
(L)oves you for who you are
(M)akes a difference in your life
(N)ever Judges
(O)ffers support
(P)icks you up
(Q)uiets your fears
(R)aises your spirits
(S)ays nice things about you
(T)ells you the truth when you need to hear it
(U)nderstands you
(V)alues you
(W)alks beside you
(X)-plain things you don't understand
(Y)ells when you won't listen and
(Z)aps you back to reality

I just received this in a newsletter that I get from this website -

Thursday, February 24, 2005

The Boys are getting into the act!

I just checked out this link above and was really impressed. Boys are getting into knitting. I wonder if there are any left - handers?
The link below is to my new blog that is going to be just for knitting.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Left-handed knitters read on....

Are you left-handed? Do you knit? I've been on this list for a while now and I totally recommend it. There have been some ongoing discussions about how to change stitches to knit them left-handed. There are some very knowledgable people that have been helping me alot.
I've been knitting for 30 years, and have never been happier about getting some actual help. If you have had trouble with right-handed knitters saying there is no such thing as left-handed knitting, you must join this group. I would like to see a left-hander tell a right-hander there is no such thing as drawing right-handed. Hand them a pencil and tell them they have to draw left-handed. It is the only way! Many left-handers have been told they have to learn to knit the "right way". I just want to say, there is no "wrong way!"
Come and check out this site:
You wont be sorry.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Mozilla Firefox Browser

Has anyone ever used this Browser? I cant seem to get anything to work right. The Bookmarks wont show up with out me going into Bookmark manager. Also, you are supposed to be able to drag and drop things onto the toolbar. When I do this, it shows up until I close the Browser; then when I reopen it, they are gone.
Anybody have any suggestions? I have checked their web site but can't find anything about it.
Thanks for any help anyone can suggest.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Google Toolbar

Google Toolbar

If you haven't had much luck with pop up blockers, I really like this one. It can stop them all and lets you know, so if you want to see the pop up you can allow it. I seems to be pretty good at blocking almost all of them on the medium setting. I only get a one or two that get through a week. You can also set it up to so that it will allow pop ups on certain web sites all the time.
Just thought you all might like to know so that you can get rid of those annoying pop ups. By the way, I've tried about 6 different ones. This was the best.