Saturday, April 30, 2005

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Bonsai - Wisteria

This Wisteria was purchased almost 5 years ago and just started blooming last year. This year, we are in for a real treat. All those little purplish things you see are buds that are going to be beautiful. This was also a very large tree when we bought it. About 5 feet tall. Posted by Hello

Bonsai - Lions Mane Maple

This is another one of my favorites. It is a Lions Mane Maple. The leaves are just coming out and by summer each group of leaves will be full and almost bush like. I will continue to take pictures and show you as it grows. This one was bought about 4 years ago and was about 5 feet tall. He first air layered it to try and get a few little trees off of one. He was successful and got two really nice little trees. This one is my favorite of the two. Posted by Hello

Bonsai - Flowering Pear

One of my husbands works of art. This flowering pear was 20 feet tall when we first bought it almost 5 years ago. It started blooming about 3 years ago and each year it gets more beautiful. Posted by Hello