Sunday, June 19, 2005

Beach run last weekend

Last weekend we went to the beach to meet up with a guy that my hubby has been talking to online through the VTX board. He and his wife flew in from Texas to visit his brother and then they met up with us on Sunday. We had a few riding with us too. Unfortunately, it rained some of the time on the way over there. We headed up to Tillamook and then went through Cape Meares, Pacific City, and to Lincoln City. By the time that we reached Cape Meares it was partly sunny. And when we got to Lincoln City it was getting to warm, even for me! I had to start stripping clothes. Good thing I had alot to of clothes on. LOL Any way, here is another slide show with the few pictures that we took for that. I am also going to make one for the Astoria trip too.
I'm having too much fun doing this! LOL
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