Friday, August 12, 2005

Nick is officially enrolled in a virtual school.

This is the best thing that I have seen to come to Oregon for homeschoolers like us. I have a very busy schedule with housekeeping business, paper route once a week and trying to teach my children with some sort of a schedule that will be benificial, and personal bible study, meetings etc.! Boy, did I need this. They schedule, you fill in what you need time for, they adjust, you get a lesson plan, books, learning material, etc. and they have teachers there to grade papers or online work etc. Oh, and did I mention that this is FREEEEEEEEEE! Can you believe it?! I have never been so excited in my 10 years of homeschooling to have something so helpful as this. It is a charter school that is actually a virtual school. It is a public school that is done at home. I love it and we haven't even started yet.
All I know is that this last year trying to teach my son was a real trial. Mainly because of the hearing problems that he had that really delayed his learning; but also because of my schedule. It is crazy at times. But, I really feel that this is a blessing and that we will be able to do it with some adjustments in our schedule. I have already taken steps to change that. If you homeschool you need to try check this out. I know that many people will love it and many will not; because they don't want to have anything to do with public schools. But as for me, this is definitely the best thing to come along in quite a while.

Connections Academy

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Sharing this Cloudeight Acpression Greeting with you!

Susan would like to share this Cloudeight Acpression with you:


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Cloudeight has a blog!

This was too good. I had to share. Keep reading, you will be amazed at what you will learn. By the way, he is a very talented writer as well. I bet he wouldn't say so.

Best Website on the planet!

These guys are the most helpful people around. They have helped me with so many things that I didn't even realize that I needed help with. I thought I was a computer geek until I started getting their premium enewsletter called Info Ave. Premium. It is the most wonderful thing that I get in my email inbox every friday.
If you need any help or want to try free products that you can trust, try out this place. They wont let you down!


Monday, August 01, 2005

Lesser Known Proverbs

This was sent to me in an email and I thought they were really great!

Everyone has a photographic memory. Some just don’t have film.

A day without sunshine is like…night.

On the other hand, you have different fingers.

Change is inevitable, except from a vending machine.

I just got lost in thought. It was unfamiliar territory.

When the chips are down, the buffalo is empty.

Seen it all, done it all, can’t remember most of it.

Those who live by the sword get shot by those who don’t.

I feel like I’m diagonally parked in a parallel universe.

You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say will be misquoted then used against you.

I wonder how much deeper the ocean would be without sponges.

Honk if you love peace and quiet.

Despite the cost of living, have you noticed how it remains so popular?

Nothing is foolproof to a sufficiently talented fool.

It is hard to understand how a cemetery raised its burial cost and blamed it on the cost of living.

The 50-50-90 rule: Anytime you have a 50-50 chance of getting something right, there’s a 90% probability you’ll get it wrong.

You can’t have everything…where would you put it?

Latest survey shows that 3 out of 4 people make up 75% of the world’s population.

The things that come to those who wait are usually the things left by those who got there first.