Sunday, July 31, 2005

Check out My Photoshows

I just did some updating to my photoshows. I still have a couple more to do but wanted to at least give you last weekends fun. Enjoy!

My Photoshows

This is for Marissa

You were asking about the Puppy. So this is for you. He is winking at the camera because of the sun. Posted by Picasa

Tuff in his new Doggles

Tuff in his new Doggles. He loved them when we are riding on the Motorcycle. Posted by Picasa

Top of McKenzie Pass

Our bike. I'm looking at our silly puppy behind the bike. We were at the top of McKenzie Pass here. Nothing but lava rocks everywhere you look. We ate up in the castle that looks out over all the mountains around us.  Posted by Picasa

Two of the Three Sisters Mountains

North and Middle Sisters of the Three Sisters Mountains. South is hiding behind Middle Sister. Posted by Picasa

Ride to Sisters

This was a very nice ride but, it was hot and my bumm was very sore. I think I had a bruise from sitting on the hard seat at the convention last weekend. We had to stop often and stretch. Normally I can go about 200 miles without stopping but not this time. OUCH!

Our dog went with us this time too. He hates to be left at home and we have some doggles for him now that he really likes. He will ride all day with those on. So cute!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Math Program Arrived

It arrived and I have had a chance to play with it a little. This is a great program and I know it is going to help my youngest in learning math and LA. He sat down with me today and played with it for a little bit and didn't get too upset that I was having him do school in the summer. LOL They were suppose to be doing alot more this summer than they have but as caotic as things have been, I've been letting it slide. This program is getting me back on the right track and helping my son too.

If you haven't already got it, I totally recommend it. It isn't a fancy program but does everything you need and more; and it is the right price. Not any school programs out there for this price that does all of this. I love the ability to make worksheets, and they can also do the work on the computer too. Since I have to work, whatever he is working on, I can print it off and take it with and when we get back he can play a game or do some work on the computer program itself.

Also, this is very important to me; I am one that likes good customer service. Scott, the creator of this program is very customer oriented. He is there to answer any questions that I have. I just email him and he gets back to me in a couple of hours and most of the time less than two hours. Unlike these spendy programs that pop out a random email and still leave you guessing as to wether there is a real person at the other end or not. Then a few days later you might get a response. I can't say enough about all the customer service that he has given us. It is great!

Friday, July 15, 2005

Math and Language Arts Programs

This is something that I am going to be trying out. It is a great price and was created by a man who has been teaching for 22 year and tutoring for 10. He wanted to do something for parents who really care about giving their children a good education.

I will be letting you know more about it after I get it, but it is worth way more than what he is charging people so I am already recommending this to all. There are 7 programs and some of those are for creating worksheets for your children.

I am really looking forward to receiving it and trying it out.

Try it out for yourself!

This is also in my list of school links.