Friday, October 27, 2006

Sorry for taking so long to post

We seem to have a busier year than ever. School started back up and there is alot more work to do with my son than there was last year. Plus our ministry is so important to us that we are trying to do as much volunteer work as we are able.

So far school is going well for Nick. He is holding A's and A+'s in all his classes so far. Also, Brittany should be done this year. She has only a few classes left and most of these are electives so they will go quickly. She is also going to sit in our our Spanish class with my son. This is good because she can help me in this area. We have quite a few spanish friends and Brittany is so quick at picking up languages so I know that she will probably be doing most of the teaching in this class. :-)

Aside from our school and ministry I also have work. There is only one day free each week that I am not either doing school or working and so that leaves little time for anything else. We also have a memorial for a friend who died in a week and then a baby shower the next week. We had a going away party for a family last week.

I am trying to make a afgan for the baby shower, but it is slow going, since I have to do it in my spare time. LOL Where that is, I don't know. As it is now, I get up at 4:30 or 5 every morning to get my Bible reading and study done and then get the kids up at 7 for a daily discussion of a Bible text to start our day. School starts at 8 and we are off to work in the afternoon. We try to get school done early in the week so that we have time for our ministry at the end of the week. So far this is working pretty good. As for the afgan, I am just going to have to make time or give it to her half done and let her know I will finish it before the baby comes.

Good thing I am using a chucky yarn and a big hook or it might take alot longer.

Well, I have to run, got lots to do today, but I wanted to write and let you all know what we are up to. Sorry it took so long to post.