Friday, December 26, 2008

Nick clearing our walk way




Nick is here clearing our walk way. This is actually from last week on the 19th. He had a great time with his tonka trucks.If you are wondering what the little squares are on the pitures, I was taking these through the window screen. I'm not nutts! I didn't want to get cold to take these pictures.
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Tuesday 23rd




Still more snow. We are getting a little tired of it now. ;0) 2 weeks of this stuff is enough!
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Monday 22nd




Monday brought more snow on top of the ice. Blizzard like conditions driving down the road at times.
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Sunday 21st




Freezing rain all night left about an inch of ice on everything. We had many broken trees because of it.
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Friday, October 24, 2008

Wednesday Morning Beauty


This is what I had to go and work in. Wasn't it beautiful? The sun was just starting to come up and lit up this hillside so beautifully that I had to stop and take a picture. The farther I went the more beautiful the scene as you will see. The golden sunrise pictures have Mount Jefferson in the background.
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Monday, September 29, 2008

Powerland Museum Fieldtrip

  First Picture: Indian Motorcycle
Second Picture: Not sure what this is. I'm sure that Dad will tell me.
Third Picture: Wooden Trolley that was used in Vancouver, BC.
Fourth Picture: Double Decker Trolley that was used in Lake Oswego, Oregon.
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More Museum Pictures

  First Picture: I'm not certain, but I believe that this was the one that was from Coastline. It would travel between several cities on the coast in Washington.
Second Picture:Inside the youngest of the old trolleys in the museum. This was one that was on the Oregon City, Oregon Trolley Line.
Third Picture: Brittany in the drivers seat of the OC Trolley.
Fourth Picture: Nick and Marissa on the little train after riding a big trolley to the end of the tracks. We road it from the station all the way to the end and then almost all the way back again to the Trolley barn, back on the trolley to the little train station. It was a very fun day.
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Powerland Museum

We had a great time at this museum. We saw many old engines, old cars, motorcycles, etc. Road on a trolley and the conductor told us all about the things around the property. There were many places to see and we didn't realize there was that much, so getting a late start we didn't have time to see it all. It will be closed until April, so maybe next year we can do this again.

Jackie, Marissa, Brittany, Olivia, Nick and myself, went to a kids party at Borders books after this little field trip. So, we will just make plans for just this museum next time.

Riding the little train was the highlight for the younger kids, the older girls just road the trolley all the way back around. Lazy or what? LOL
Below are some of the pictures that we took.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Cherry blossoms

These were in the front yard of one of the houses that I cleaned today. I thought they were so beautiful I had to share.
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