Monday, September 29, 2008

Powerland Museum

We had a great time at this museum. We saw many old engines, old cars, motorcycles, etc. Road on a trolley and the conductor told us all about the things around the property. There were many places to see and we didn't realize there was that much, so getting a late start we didn't have time to see it all. It will be closed until April, so maybe next year we can do this again.

Jackie, Marissa, Brittany, Olivia, Nick and myself, went to a kids party at Borders books after this little field trip. So, we will just make plans for just this museum next time.

Riding the little train was the highlight for the younger kids, the older girls just road the trolley all the way back around. Lazy or what? LOL
Below are some of the pictures that we took.
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