Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Jumbie the lazy

Talk about the lap of luxury! Cat was out cavorting all night and now he thinks he should sleep all day. Lazy thing.
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Friday, October 30, 2009

Crepes for Breakfast

I haven't had crepes in a long time for breakfast. Made these yesterday with Lingonberries and powdered sugar. YUM!
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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pacific City and Sandlake

Click on the Title and it will take you to my pictures.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Pacific City

On September 25th, we went to the beach with my mom and dad. It was a beautiful day and we decided to go to a beach that I hadn't been to since I was a young girl. It was so enjoyable and the weather was perfect.

My children will not be home this weekend, so I am going back tomorrow morning and staying all day. I feel at peace at the ocean and have been needing to get away and do some thinking. I will probably climb the dunes, read some, explore the tide pools, listen to the waves and just enjoy the sunshine. It is supposed to be another beautiful weekend.

My husband went with me here one time when we were on the motorcycle. There was a small craft fair in the parking lot. We never did go out on the beach. I am not sure why, but we really missed out.

The times that I was here as a child were fond memories of racing up the dunes with my brothers. We would roll down the hill. That was what I told Nick to do, and he loved it!
I find it much easier to run down the hill now. I'm getting too old to be rolling down the hills. :)

If you click on the link above you will be taken to all the pictures that I took that day, or you can just look at the few I included here.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Tires Update

Just had to tell everyone what wonderful cousins I have. My cousin Vince insisted that he was going to take care of my tires. So, yesterday I went up to the Les Shwab in Canby and they put them on for me. This time I got some with a warranty and NOT low profile. They should last a couple of years. My care drives so much better and doesn't pull to the right like it did before.
It was pulling really bad after I had my car aligned last year. I kept telling everyone that it wasn't the normal little pull but it was the kind that will throw you in the ditch if you even loosen your grip for a second. I was told it was the road, or that it was supposed to do that, anything but them believing me. I guess they all think that I am a dumb blonde. Well, now there is no pull, only the gradual moving to the right as a car is supposed to do.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Vince and Tami for you kindness!!! I love you guys!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

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This little guy was on our wall outside. I brought him in so we could take a picture.
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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Beach Trip in February

Don't know why I took so long to post these. They were really pretty and I wanted to share them with all of you. These were taken during a trip that my husband and I took. It was a beautiful weekend in February.

Monday, August 31, 2009


So is it me, or does everyone have the same trouble with tires? I have a PT Cruiser and am getting tired of the problems. When we first got new tires on this car about 3 years ago, Les Schwab gave us a quote for the 17" wheels that we had on the car. When my husband picked up the car, it had 16" tires on it. He came home and told me about it. How do you get 16" tires on a 17" wheel? You don't!
He then proceeded to call Les Schwab and the refused to admit that we ever had 17" tires. My husband then talked to the manager who also refused to admit they had done something wrong and pretty much called my husband a liar. My husband then called The dealer that we bought the car from and they looked it up. Yep, 17" wheels.
We never got that straightened out, but went back to a different Les Schwab and told them about it when we replaced the tires last year. They couldn't believe that we had all that trouble and figured that they must have had another PT in the store when they were changing my tires.
I was a little upset that I was replacing my tires again and that they only lasted about a year and a half, but we got them anyway. Shouldn't tires last longer than that? 20,000 miles max doesn't seem like much. It has now been a year and I took my car in last week and guess what? I need new tires!!!
So now, I have to come up with another 4-500 bucks for new tires. They proceeded to tell me that low profile tires do not have warranties. Well then give me something that isn't low profile, I said. Well, we cant due to clearance. What?!! When I had the 17" rims on it, they were not low profile! Find me something with a warranty! They found something that hopefully will work and has a 45,000 mile warranty. All that I can say, is they better last, or give me the next set free!
Had to also take it back today to have them check a low tire. I told the other store to check it last week when I had them rotated because the tire was low. Either they didn't check it or missed that there was a screw in it! Got that fixed now.
I'm a little upset with Les Schwab right now, but have the info that I need on the tires so that I can get the new ones and hopefully get some sort of a discount due them not lasting very long.
Now, I still have the a/c to get fixed as well as the electronic door lock and window on the rear passenger side door and also the fog lights that will not shut off properly and stay off that we had to disconnect due to it draining my battery.
Does it ever end? I love my car, but with all the problems and also that I have to put premium in it, I am not very happy with it!

Life goes on...

Sunday, August 30, 2009


This is our campsite at Trail Bridge. My kids and I have the bigger tent on the right.

Camping & Hiking

As promised, these are pictures from one of our hikes on Friday. This is called the Blue Hole and it is a two mile hike to get there. We all enjoyed it. I'm not going to post all of the pictures, just a few from each day.

Hiking along the McKenzie River

This was our hike from Sahalie falls to Koosah falls on Saturday. Our friends, Sandie, Kyle, Casey, and Corey came up for the day and we took them with us.

Sisters on Sunday

This is a deer that was running through town. We followed it to this yard where it began eating apples.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

A profound truth

A profound truth
Do you know what it is like when you have read the Bible for years, and all of the sudden you see something new? This continues to happen to me, and I love it! It makes my reading so exciting.

One of my favorite quotes is from Abraham Lincoln. "If you look for the bad in people expecting to find it, you surely will." I heard this, the first time many years ago when my daughter was a very small girl. She must have been about 2 or 3 when we bought her the movie, "Pollyanna". It is about a little girl who always looked for the good, whether it is in people or situations. She would turn them into something good.

I find that I do this myself and if I do start looking at the bad, I try to turn it around as soon as I see it in myself or as soon as someone points it out to me. Some don't like it when you do this. Just like in Pollyanna, not everyone appreciated that she always looked for the good in things. They would rather look for the bad, and say ‘Aha! See, I told you there was something about that person, or I told you that was going to happen.’ Others, may say something about a person, because they think that they know them from past experience, and want to let you know about them. Sure they might be doing this because they think that they are doing a good thing by letting others know, but really all that it does is put a bad taste in someone’s mouth so that they can't really find out about someone without any hindrance.

Case in point, my neighbors; I've not known them for very long as we just moved back in November. I took it upon myself to introduce myself and my children to them and other neighbors. Taking them cookies and talking to them when I get the chance. I like to be neighborly and have found that they also like to be neighborly too. In fact, they have brought us elk steak, and sturgeon, which I am grilling the sturgeon this Friday. We made a cake for them, but his wife wasn't home and he ate the whole thing himself. LOL

A friend came over and told me some things they knew about them, I have never seen this kind of behavior from these people and choose to just forget about it. I think that this person has changed and I would rather be judged myself for current behavior and not my past, so I am sure that they would feel the same way.

Where am I going with all this? Yesterday, I was reading in Proverbs again. I'm reading the Bible by Themes this year and Wednesday is my Poetry day. In chapter 16, verse 27 this jumped out at me. A good-for-nothing man is digging up what is bad, and upon his lips there is, as it were, a scorching fire. Isn't that the truth! Because of what some will believe about someone, it does become like a scorching fire, burning everything in sight. There are those good-for-nothing, people who live to say bad things about people, know that there will be those that believe it, whether it be true or not. Some true things, may be just something that someone needs to live down from their past, and if it is brought up again and again by someone, then they can’t. If it is false, it can make the person being charge become defensive, what joy is there in that? How up-building is that?

Remember, Saul who became Paul. Galatians 1:3, today's text, shows how someone can change. He was a persecutor of Christians, even approving of their death; can anything be worse? Not one of us is perfect, so we should be trying to build one another up, not tear one another down. What is up-building and good should be focused on, not what this person did in the past, or even recently. Focus on the good.

Here is a new quote, "Look for the good in people expecting to find it, and you surely will." Let’s all be good-for-something people.

Have a wonderful day, week, year.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

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Beautiful Sunset

Last night we had a beautiful sunset. You can see how the sun shines through the clouds and then leaves it's mark on the clouds.
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Dyed my curtains

Dyed the old window covering. I was trying to get it a more orange color, but ended up with a sort of salmon/deeper orange. I like the look, but wish it would have been more orange.
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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tuff & Jumbi

Our new kitten crawled into bed with our dog this morning. I think they are going to be buddies.
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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New School Space

I'm ready for school next September. Ok, at least my dining room is ready. I have a shelf with very little on it for the books when they are here. Looking forward to a new school year and a new school. We are going to be using K12 this year. It is an online public school that you do at home. It is like Connections Academy, which I loved, but this one is a newer one here in Oregon. I'm going to see how flexible this one is with my schedule of work. I also needed something that would be more of I have to do this or else. :0) With all the distractions of last year, I can't say that I did very well with teaching my son last year. Hoping this year will be much better. Only time will tell.
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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Severe Storms

This is all that is left after a very severe storm today. I had went out to wash my car, and the sky was beautiful. It was hot, about 80ยบ. Thought I would paint some more on my deck, but it was just getting too hot so only got a little bit done. Then went out and planted a tomato and two peppers. Finally after I was done, I came in the house. We were just going to start some dinner, but then all of the sudden, it got dark, and the wind started blowing. Gusts of about 75 mph, then the rain came. If you want to call it rain. It was more like sheets of water blowing sideways. Thunder and lightening. More wind, we all began to wonder if their was going to be a tornado, but decided not to mention it. I didn't want to worry the chldren. The rain came down so hard and so fast that the drains couldn't keep up. They were beginning to overflow. Then the power went out. My son started saying that he thought it was going to flood. I told him that it would take a lot more rain for it to do that. Needless to say, I was just saying that to make him feel at ease. So far this was only about 10 minutes into the storm. The severest part of the storm only lasted about 1/2 an hour, then died off almost as quickly as it started. It moved so quickly that there wasn't really a warning for it. But after it all, we heard that about 10 miles from here there was a tornado warning in a town called Lyons, and also one in Silverton, and that there were several funnel clouds spotted. One was in Lincoln City, out in the ocean and another was in Albany. Haven't heard from friends in Lyons yet, so not sure what happened there. My plants were drowned, and my car, that I put under the carport ended up getting soaked even on the house side. (I hate water spots) The paint on the deck made it, but now I am going to have to paint my shed as it stripped paint off the shed. I don't even know when that shed was painted last. All in all, we are doing well. But, it was a very exciting day. They were saying that we might get more tonight, but maybe not quite as bad.
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Killdeer on eggs

Can you see her hiding? She is in a parking lot at Kaiser Permanente. Right were everyone walks by. I don't know what they were thinking when they decided to nest in such a busy place.
The cones are there to warn people, all though she puts out a pretty good warning herself. When I was there, the male was gone. Bruce said that when he was their earlier, they were both pretending they were injured to keep people away from the eggs. They have four eggs. We will go back and check again next week and see how they are doing. Here is a link to the sound they make. http://www.birdweb.org/birdweb/bird_details.aspx?id=145 The sound that she was using when we were getting close was kill-deer, kill-deer, kill-deer. It is the longer of the tones that they make.
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Monday, June 01, 2009

Mele in her dress

This is the cutie in her new dress that I made for her. Mom is going to buy one of those frilly slips to put under it.
Mealea wasn't too sure about the headband, but seemed to forget about it after a while.
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She was making a face at Brittany in this one. She is just sooo cute. Had us all laughing.
Aunt Jasmine is holding her.
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