Thursday, June 04, 2009

Severe Storms

This is all that is left after a very severe storm today. I had went out to wash my car, and the sky was beautiful. It was hot, about 80º. Thought I would paint some more on my deck, but it was just getting too hot so only got a little bit done. Then went out and planted a tomato and two peppers. Finally after I was done, I came in the house. We were just going to start some dinner, but then all of the sudden, it got dark, and the wind started blowing. Gusts of about 75 mph, then the rain came. If you want to call it rain. It was more like sheets of water blowing sideways. Thunder and lightening. More wind, we all began to wonder if their was going to be a tornado, but decided not to mention it. I didn't want to worry the chldren. The rain came down so hard and so fast that the drains couldn't keep up. They were beginning to overflow. Then the power went out. My son started saying that he thought it was going to flood. I told him that it would take a lot more rain for it to do that. Needless to say, I was just saying that to make him feel at ease. So far this was only about 10 minutes into the storm. The severest part of the storm only lasted about 1/2 an hour, then died off almost as quickly as it started. It moved so quickly that there wasn't really a warning for it. But after it all, we heard that about 10 miles from here there was a tornado warning in a town called Lyons, and also one in Silverton, and that there were several funnel clouds spotted. One was in Lincoln City, out in the ocean and another was in Albany. Haven't heard from friends in Lyons yet, so not sure what happened there. My plants were drowned, and my car, that I put under the carport ended up getting soaked even on the house side. (I hate water spots) The paint on the deck made it, but now I am going to have to paint my shed as it stripped paint off the shed. I don't even know when that shed was painted last. All in all, we are doing well. But, it was a very exciting day. They were saying that we might get more tonight, but maybe not quite as bad.
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