Monday, August 31, 2009


So is it me, or does everyone have the same trouble with tires? I have a PT Cruiser and am getting tired of the problems. When we first got new tires on this car about 3 years ago, Les Schwab gave us a quote for the 17" wheels that we had on the car. When my husband picked up the car, it had 16" tires on it. He came home and told me about it. How do you get 16" tires on a 17" wheel? You don't!
He then proceeded to call Les Schwab and the refused to admit that we ever had 17" tires. My husband then talked to the manager who also refused to admit they had done something wrong and pretty much called my husband a liar. My husband then called The dealer that we bought the car from and they looked it up. Yep, 17" wheels.
We never got that straightened out, but went back to a different Les Schwab and told them about it when we replaced the tires last year. They couldn't believe that we had all that trouble and figured that they must have had another PT in the store when they were changing my tires.
I was a little upset that I was replacing my tires again and that they only lasted about a year and a half, but we got them anyway. Shouldn't tires last longer than that? 20,000 miles max doesn't seem like much. It has now been a year and I took my car in last week and guess what? I need new tires!!!
So now, I have to come up with another 4-500 bucks for new tires. They proceeded to tell me that low profile tires do not have warranties. Well then give me something that isn't low profile, I said. Well, we cant due to clearance. What?!! When I had the 17" rims on it, they were not low profile! Find me something with a warranty! They found something that hopefully will work and has a 45,000 mile warranty. All that I can say, is they better last, or give me the next set free!
Had to also take it back today to have them check a low tire. I told the other store to check it last week when I had them rotated because the tire was low. Either they didn't check it or missed that there was a screw in it! Got that fixed now.
I'm a little upset with Les Schwab right now, but have the info that I need on the tires so that I can get the new ones and hopefully get some sort of a discount due them not lasting very long.
Now, I still have the a/c to get fixed as well as the electronic door lock and window on the rear passenger side door and also the fog lights that will not shut off properly and stay off that we had to disconnect due to it draining my battery.
Does it ever end? I love my car, but with all the problems and also that I have to put premium in it, I am not very happy with it!

Life goes on...
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