Saturday, July 17, 2010

A gravestone at Aumsville Cemetary

I just had to post this. This was the second oldest person in the Aumsville Cemetary. He was born in 1792. His wife was born in 1790. On the bottom it said that he was a soldier in the war of 1812!!! Just think about that for a minute. The war of 1812, was the last battle that freed the US from British rule. Lewis & Clark had just taken their expedition 6 years previously, from 1804 - 1806. A US census taken by the British in 1790, was 100,000 not including Native Americans. The only states in the US in 1790 were Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massechusettes, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Deleware, Maryland, Virginia, Kentucky, North & South Carolina, Georgia, and (spanish) Florida. Anything West of the Mississippi was called Louisiana owned by the Spanish as well. There was Northern territory around the great lakes, and southern territory which I beleive was later called Tennessee.
Anyway, times were very different. This man and his wife, no doubt, came across the Oregon trail in covered wagon and settled here.
My husband and I were in awe at the history here.
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